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Cleanings & Gum Treatments

We offer a variety of cleanings and gum treatments to fit all of our patients’ needs.  Some patients just need a standard cleaning, where others may require more extensive deep cleanings.  Our Dental Hygienists are trained and equipped to treat most patients right in our office and rarely need to refer to a specialist.

Working with a patient

Comprehensive Exams

At your initial exam and every cleaning appointment, our dentists will perform a comprehensive dental exam. We will examine the teeth and check for cavities or areas showing abnormal wear. We often take Digital X-Rays which allow us to see the areas in between or under the teeth. At these exams, we also check for oral cancers or ulcers on the gums, tongue or lips. A head and neck cancer screening are also conducted. During this screening, we will look and feel for bumps or swelling on your face, jaw, and neck. Lastly, we will assess your jaw to check for any joint dysfunctions. We recommend you have a comprehensive exam at least twice a year.

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Digital X-Rays

There are many advantages of digital X-rays over traditional dental X-rays. We can view the images instantly, and there is less radiation. We can enhance the images in a variety of ways to improve viewing, the images can be stored electronically for instant retrieval in the future, and we can avoid the chemicals used in the traditional developing process. If you have further questions regarding dental X-rays, please feel free to ask us at your next appointment.

Oral-B electric toothbrushes are now available at Skyway Dental!

Everyone wants a natural, healthy smile-it’s the most noticeable sign of good oral health. With Oral-B’s unique, patented combination of high speed bristle motion with extra wide sweeping motion it creates an effective, yet gentle, dynamic fluid cleaning action. So you get superior plaque removal, especially in hard-to-reach areas-between teeth and below the gum line. You can count on naturally whiter teeth and healthier gums. But you truly have to try Oral-B to really experience the feel that no other brush can deliver. It’s an experience so invigorating, you’ll actually look forward to brushing!


250 2nd Avenue South, Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN 55401
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